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Therapeutic Parenting Level I/Parenting for Positive Self-Worth

$25 or copay for current insurance clients; replays available each night

  • On-demand course available if you prefer to watch at your own pace or don’t want to wait until the next cohort begins. Email Sara at to purchase.


Why online webinars or video-conferencing?

If you are like many adoptive parents, parenting your child or teen can easily become overwhelming, confusing and much more difficult than you anticipated. It can become apparent that your child’s history and interactions with you and those outside your family are quite complex. And if you are like my own family, it becomes evident that adoption specialists are few and far between. Not only did I decide to specialize in this area as a therapist, I have finally made the leap to bring my training services to you online so that you can become a well-informed adoptive parent, from wherever you are!

Parents of children or teens, join us from your office or in the comfort of your home for…

Lunch-bunch *Virtual* support group for adoptive & foster parents (flier attached)
Fridays 2023
12-12:50 PM

“Connected Parenting Skills” Phone Conference & Support Group (6 weeks)

Thursdays, March 29- May 3, 2018

12:45-1:30 PM phone conference (stay as long as you can!)

Learn strategies for connected parenting, TBRI skills such as empowering, connecting and correcting, & implementing theraplay-related activities at home (20 mins), then review parent implementation from previous week & receive support from others (25 mins)

$90 total early bird before 3/18/18 ($15 per conference); $120 after ($20 per conference)

This training for you if:
You have a hard time staying connected to your child while trying to discipline
Your child has experienced a trauma, transition or attachment break
Empathetic responses don’t seem to calm your child
It’s difficult to stay calm dealing with your child’s behavior
You are concerned about your child’s intensity of emotions (explosions, sensitivities) or behaviors (isolating, lying, aggression, etc)

Connected/TBRI Parenting Phone Conference

In-person Parenting Support Group:

Meet with Elise Celli, MSW intern on Thursdays (12:45 PM) at the Germantown library to discuss connected & trust-based parenting strategies and provide support to others. Topics will follow the curriculum developed by Sara Rodriguez, LCSW-C.

Empowered to Connect Simulcast Conference:

April 13-14: Shady Grove Presbyterian Shady Grove Presbyterian Church | Derwood, MD and First Baptist Church of Waldorf, 10045 Bunker Hill Road, Waldorf, MD. FREE!


 In January 2015, Creative Counseling Connections held it’s FIRST EVER four-week live webinar training series. If you missed it, you can watch and listen to the ON-DEMAND WEBINARS BELOW for a small fee. Otherwise, join us for the NEXT live webinar for just $12:

July 16, 2015 8:30 PM EST

“Creating Attachment Through Theraplay: A TBRI Technique”

NEW! NEW! Want the chance to meet other adoptive/foster parents via a Skype-type program immediately following the webinar to further discuss the topic and commiserate??? EMAIL ME at and simply click on the emailed link from “AnyMeeting” to meet up to five other families. Space is obviously limited, so be sure to sign up now!

  • “Unified Parents Wanted: Balancing Different Parenting Styles” $15
Class Objectives: 1) Discover you and your spouse’s parenting style and it’s origins 2) Learn how differing styles impact our children and marriages 3) Take steps to unify your different styles, including walking through a worksheet together. Expect us to be interactive and solution-focused!
  • “How to Manage Lying, Manipulation and Control in Adoptive/Foster Parenting” $15

Class Objectives: a) Explore parent reactions to lying b) Discuss the various goals behind these behaviors, including Heather Forbes’ “Stress Model” concepts; c) Learn a balanced approach of nurture and structure in your response in order to the reduce need for these behaviors

Lying Scenarios and Stories

  • “When Your Kids Drive You Crazy: Managing Parent Anger” $15

Class Objectives: a) Take a quiz to recognize your top negative thinking b) Learn how to change your top negative thoughts c) Learn what creates parental anger, control battles, exhausting arguments and how to avoid those traps d) Take home one-liners to use in “the heat of the moment”

  • Adoptive and Foster Parenting 101, Class 1: “Relational Trauma and Health” $15

Class Objectives: a) Learn what relational trauma is and which children it affects; b) answer questions about a child’s ability to heal and c) Use specific health and diagnostic testing recommendations for adopted children with the goal of reducing emotional outbursts

  • Adoptive and Foster Parenting 101, Class 2: “Helping Your Child Identify and Express Feelings Appropriately” $15

Class Objectives: a) Parents will learn and practice how to model their own emotions and provide true empathy b) Recognize and avoid specific empathy “blockers” c) Teach your child how to use “I Feel” messages

 Pay with Paypal and receive a link to the webinar clicking “Add to Cart” below! Below you will find supplemental document(s) that will be used in the webinar. * Please email if you any problems accessing the recording.

  • Adoptive and Foster Parenting 101, Class 3 “Preventing Meltdowns: Teaching Your Child Strategies for Coping with Feelings” $15

Class Objectives: Parents will explore 24 coping strategies to introduce to their child or teen as an alternative to screaming, slamming doors and meltdowns.

Pay with Paypal and receive a link to the webinar clicking “Add to Cart” below! Below you will find supplemental document(s) that will be used in the webinar.  * Please email if you have not received the email link within 24 hours.

How to Deal with My Feelings

  • Adoptive and Foster Parenting 101, Class 4 “Cognitive Coping: Helping Your Child Change and Replace Unhealthy Thinking Patterns” $15

Class Objectives: a) Parents will learn what cognitive behavioral therapy is b) how to model healthy/corrective thinking and c) how to use it with children and teens to promote more positive or realistic thinking.

Pay with Paypal and receive a link to the webinar clicking “Add to Cart” below!  Below you will find supplemental documents that will be used in the webinar. * Please email if you have not received the email link within 24 hours.

Strong Kids. ThinkErrors. POSTER Eight Tough Questions.CBT


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