Couples Counseling



Couples counseling at CCC means having a safe place to feel heard and understood, practice communication techniques and to walk out the door with a new set of skills to utilize in your daily life. It would be my honor and privilege to join you in your journey towards intimacy and HOPE in your marriage.

I focus a great deal on communication techniques such as “I Feel” Messages and repeating back what you have heard to ensure the message you are receiving is being accurately perceived.

Using “I Feel” Messages
1. Your feelings
2. Your request of the other person (your request)
3. Your part or how you can help (your responsibility)
4. The listener provides positive feedback about the discussion and repeats back the feeling statement to ensure he/she understands

(FEELING): “I feel sad when you spend time with other people instead of me.”
(YOUR REQUEST): “Can we please spend some time together this weekend?”
(YOUR PART): “I will try to remind you tomorrow & won’t be too picky about what we do.”
(LISTENER’S RESPONSE): “ I’m glad we are talking about this. So what you’re saying is that you feel sad or down when we don’t hang out and that you feel I’m putting other people before you. Did I get that right?”

Some couples have remarked that they were surprised by how such a simple exercise could be so helpful. Sometimes simplicity hits the mark. If you feel you or your spouse need help addressing communication and/or conflict, call Creative Counseling Connections today!

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