Alternative Treatment for ADHD

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Creative Counseling Connections uses ADHD coaching and training through Dianne Craft’s “Brain Integration” model.

Brain Integration Therapy (BIT), also known as “brain repatterning” or “educational kinesiology,” is a non-invasive procedure used to change inefficient pathways in the brain to efficient ones. Repatterning was designed to make the learning processes become automatic by using the body- in “crossing the midline” physical exercises and nutrition, to retrain the left brain to communicate more effectively with the right brain. Children will see improvement in their focus, learning and even developmental delays such as toileting!


Play Attention is an edu-feedback video game system closely linked with neuro-feedback. The participant controls the game with her mind, not primarily with her hands. If the participant loses attention, the game slows or stops. Each game has a focus on attention, impulsivity or ignoring distractions, with the goal of permanently altering the participant’s level of brain state. Included in the game are behavior shaping techniques. Previous clients have also found a surprising side benefit of learning and practicing frustration management as the level of difficulty increases.

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