Children’s Therapy Corner


As a play therapist, Sara Rodriguez, LCSW-C uses creative techniques such as role-playing, therapeutic games and skill building activities to teach children how to handle challenges in their life. As parents, you can expect to be an important part of the counseling process. Each session will begin with a family segment to hear your concerns and update you on progress.

Ages Served:

I am uniquely trained and experienced in providing therapy for infants, toddlers and elementary-aged children, ages 0-12.

Issues addressed:pic of children.for website.

  •  ADHD- coaching and non-medicinal treatment system, “Play Attention” (see detail page) *
  • Adoption (see detail page)**
  • Adjustment- divorce and other
  • Anxiety
  • Behavior
  • Conflict resolution and communication
  • Depression
  • Grief and loss
  • Sleep
  • Trauma

What Is Play Therapy?
For children, “Toys are their words and play is their language” (Landreth, 2002). I will tell a story that Amy Wickstrom, therapist, uses to explain the concept. Imagine “children who witnessed 9/11 were immediately placed into a child-friendly, safe environment with therapists in order to process what they had seen. Many toys were provided, with the exception of planes, which the adults believed would re-traumatize them. However, when the play therapists arrived, the children were using their hands and other toys to pretend planes were flying through the air and crashing into things. The play therapists were not surprised and explained to the adults that children use toys and play to process experiences and play out what they have experienced” (Lowenstein, Liana. “Six Creative Ways to Explain Play Therapy to Parents”

As a play therapist, I use a combination of “directive” and “non-directive” play therapy. This means that there will be times that the child is able to choose how he/she would like to process their feelings or experiences and other times when I will lead them to deal with a certain issue that is relevant to their symptoms or concerns. Your child will likely learn various coping skills in order to better deal with life and its challenges.

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