Adult Individual Therapy


Creative Counseling Connections specializes in working with adults ages 18-64 who struggle with stress, negative thoughts and hopelessness, and grief and loss, including adult adoptees and those entering the adult world and find it overwhelming. We also specialize in working with individuals having experienced trauma, or have challenges in their current relationships due to unhealthy or chaotic childhoods. Finally, our therapists are happy to incorporate faith as a strength-perspective.

What to expect: During the first two sessions, you can expect to fill out paperwork and share what brings you into therapy. The subsequent sessions will include not only a time to express your concerns or challenges throughout that week, but also a time to learn and practice new skills.

Next steps: We look forward to connecting with you! Email us at or call 301-740-6050.

Modalities we use (therapist lingo):

Our therapists are trained in CBT, DBT, EMDR, CPT, TF-CBT and attachment-based theories.